Hi! I’m Kane, a writer

I'm a scriptwriter, author and speaker that has been writing for nearly a decade, generating content for books, film, television and online platforms. If you love the art of writing and storytelling in all shapes and forms -- you're gonna love it here.

On this website, I share insights on stories, discovering your passion and creative work. I’ve made many (many) mistakes in my career. I want to save you time, effort and pain by offering you some of the things I've learnt. And maybe a shortcut now and again.

Simply: I create articles and content that challenges, inspires and motivates you to do something meaningful with your time. My personal mission statement is simple: Everyone can make a living doing what they love and not suffer to DO IT. 

You just have to focus on that dream, take the first step, and do the work. So whether you have a business idea, a book or a side hustle project, I want to help you unleash it into the world. Or at least finish it.

So who is this guy?

Kane Wheatley-Holder is a scriptwriter, author and speaker based in Singapore. Born in England, Kane migrated to Singapore when he was thirteen. He later enrolled in film school, igniting his journey towards becoming professional writer and filmmaker. Today, Kane is a working as a full-time scriptwriter, working for television, film, online, and speaking at industry events. He is also a published writer of short stories in various anthologies. To find out more, click on the About page.

Other ways to connect

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