Foozarooo - The Meaning of Work

You design, compose, create. 

You fail, repurpose, try again.

And at the end of it, you ask yourself: What's the pay-off? The end result? The dividends?

Usually, if the efforts don't justify the answer, we stop and consider it a failure. Pack up. Go home. An abundance of companies and organisations still run this way, obsessed with the results, the achievement, the KPI. 

We all want a tested route to success. We all don't want to be the first in. We all don't want to fail.

But when you decide to design and follow your own path - no matter what - you're not falling into a trap.

You're laying the bricks that will lead you straight to it.

It doesn't matter about the size of the bricks: sand, pebbles, slabs of concrete. More importantly, each question informs the journey to make your path clearer.

There will be sudden stops, divergent paths, and new terrain to conquer. Unwelcome surprises to overcome. But you're never moving away from your goal if you keep moving toward it.

Instead, you're actively finding new ways to reach your destination, while your competitors have already run out of steam.

When you're not sure about the meaning of your work, dedicate yourself to simply creating.

Lay the bricks. Forge forward regardless. The path will form whether you want it to or not. 

Even if it's totally made up.

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