The Power of Indifference

There's a strength in not caring.

Sometimes we work on projects, pitch ideas, and we are met with a slew of voices that point to it 'not working'.

This doesn't make sense.

No-one will like this.

This isn't original enough.

Now, you must listen to these voices. Don't be blind. Understand that they come from an instinctual place from your critics. Use their sentiments to your advantage.

Bin the rest.

But in other instances, be indifferent.

Most of the time, people react purely based on their first thought, their first gut reaction.

They have experience, and it's valuable, but they are used to thinking in a set way.

Their instinct has been tamed. A gift and a crutch. 

And most of the time people will tell you something can't be done because they haven't figured it out yet.

Don't let other people's self-defeatist beliefs define what you can do.

Nothing new or exciting or world-changing was ever generated without a fair level of indifference.