Why idol worship is not going to help you

In today's world, you can follow and listen to a multitude of successful voices. Authors. Entrepreneurs. Musicians.

And usually, we find one voice that speaks to us, resonates, and transforms our way of thinking. 

So you become a fan. Copy what they do. Say what they say. And it's great.

But there still needs to be a drop-off point. A switch-off. A goodbye at some stage.

The problem with emulating your idols too much is that you don't create your own targeted, specific voice.

Instead, you become a pale comparison of them, and who you want to be.

And you forget the work you are supposed to be doing.

The real "why" for what you do, stems from the very nature of who you are.

There are no shortcuts. No "aha" moments. It's derived from years of self-reflection, learning, and making mistakes.

Lots of mistakes.

And what many people don't realise is that this process can't be copied or stolen or repeated verbatim.  

It is totally unique to each person, where they live, the circumstances of their environment, and the pressures they are under.

In essence, your work is you. 

We can all learn from imitation. But we truly grow by taking pieces of wisdom, adapting, throwing others away, and shaping our own mantras. 

Don't worship your idols so much that you forget the real work (you). 

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