On getting stuck

Getting stuck is human. We work. Play. Love. Lose. Try again. Repeat.

And sometimes we can get caught up in the perennial question of: "What does this all mean?"

You can ask yourself this question constantly. You may get an answer. You may not. But it's an impossible question to answer every day, for everything you encounter. Ever.

Instead, don't look at everything as a puzzle to solve. See setbacks and problems as a voice talking to you.

1. Speaking to you about where you were.

2. Speaking to you about this given moment.

3. Speaking to you about where you're headed.

Life is such an infinite experience. It is not necessarily short. It is certainly not pointless. And there's no way we can see the map of our lives from one second in time.

So let it happen. Know that you are not stuck -- life is just speaking to you. Turn a negative into a positive. Turn the positive into action.

And remember you don't need to answer every question. Just listen. If you're ready, the answers will formulate whether you want them to or not.