Why I'm writing a novel on my iPhone - and you should too


We're apparently running out of it. We all want more of it. And every day we're inundated with news articles, Youtube videos, songs, memes, and other crumbs of content vying for one thing:

Our precious attention. 

But for some, there's just too little of it. You might know these people. They constantly lament: "There isn't enough hours in a day", or there "isn't enough time to do this _____".

Do me a favour. Tell them it's complete rubbish. Why? 

Because most people give away their time for FREE. And the worst part is they don't even know it.

These tragic time-wasters have formed an intricate plethora of self-believing mantras as to why they don't have enough time to pursue a dream, mark-out an ambition, or do what they've always wanted.

And the excuse list runs on and on: Because of work, because of timing, because of society, because of funds, because of a lack of contacts, because of...

Blah blah. Sound familiar?

These are the same people that worry needlessly about things they can't change, complain about their lives at every opportunity, and spend their free time on time-wasting pursuits.

So here's the truth: It's the personal management of time separates the effective from the ineffective, the dream chaser from the dream loser.

This is why I've personally taken it upon myself to write a novel on my iPhone. Every word is crafted while in transit, on momentary bus rides, and 10-minute coffee breaks. Your iPhone can do more than be a surfing machine - it can make your dreams come true.


Now I'm not saying it's good - it's the first draft. But at least it's written.  A dream started. An asset created. And I still have time for breakfast. Thank you iPhone.

No complaints. No excuses. No bullshit. Just creation. 

If you really want to achieve something, time will never be a deterrent. It will be your single, most valuable motivator.

If you truly love something, you will FIND THE TIME. The power of that choice will be liberating and infectious. And just by being in total control, you will discover new opportunities that will make your life more fulfilling. 

A side note...

Remember when you were a child and you loved painting lessons with your favourite teacher?

Or how you loved to draw a certain weird animal in your textbooks between classes?

Or those moments when you danced or sang or played a make-believe game when no-one was looking?

You forgot about that when you grew up, didn't you?

You didn't complain about not having time - you just did what you loved. Only when you grew older, and you forced to try things you didn't feel passionate about, did they become a chore. 

Just don't make your life a chore.

Make time for what's important. Make time for people. Make time for dreams. Make time for living and loving and doing anything you want to set your mind to.

There are no excuses. There is plenty of time. Take control of your iPhone or Android or the things around you and make them count. 

Hi I'm Kane! Enjoyed the article?

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